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    Type 'A' Store : Foods & Nutriceuticals


Deflect Lectin Blocker

Deflect 'A' a dietary supplement designed by Dr D'Adamo , binds and blocks lectins before they can attach to the cells and before they cause problems.

Blocks the effect of auto-immune disease and individual with a low inflammatory threshold. Blocks the effect of "leaky gut' and intestinal dysbosis .

Helps prevent re-infection by H.pylori and many ngram-negative bacteria which cause bladder infections. An excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber for your blood type .

Helps accelerate weight reduction in diet-compliant individuals, enhancing metabolism . Aids in maintaining the integrity of the digestive system. Encourages healthy bowel flora and enhances joint gliding surface.

Synergistic Products :

  • Redoxa , Quercetin (Leaky gut support.).
  • Sip Right 4 Your Type 'A' Tea (weight Management)
  • Polyflora 'A'(Dysbiosis)
  • UDA Plus (Auto-immune syndromes in groups A and O)
  • Bromelain (Joint dysfunction ).

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    Retail  $93.00              


Sprouted Food Complex

An Excellent Anti-aging product which comprises of freeze-dried sprouts from brocoli, garlic, parsley leaf and many more potent anti-oxidant components that are Right for your blood type.

Highly Recommended for people who wants to have energy and vitality! While all plant foods provide nourishment for the body, few foods have more impact on a cellular level than do young, sprouted plants.

Synergistic Products  :

  • Polyflora O , A , B , AB
  • Pro-Mitokon A & L


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    Retail  $83.00              


The Key to Selecting an Effective Probiotic

Highly recommended for individual with consistent stomach discomfort. This product provides blood-type specfic and friendly bacteria which helps to reduce bloatedness, excessive gas build-up, some stomach related problems. Highly recommended supplement to be brought along during travelling for minimizing the risk against food poisoning.

POLYFLORA A contains a unique blend of Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus reuteri probiotics in a base of aspergillus oryzae, jerusalem artichoke (FOS), chicory concentrate and burdock root prebiotics.

Friendly bacteria enhances immunity by :

  • Increasing nitric oxide
  • Enhancing immune system response to administered vaccines
  • Promoting resistance against some autoimmune processes

Synergistic Products :

  • Quercetin (Leaky gut support for all types)
  • Harmonia Deluxe (Detoxification support in all types)
  • Deflect O, Deflect A, Deflect B, Deflect AB (Dysbiosis in all types)
  • Rekon Pro (Enhancing anti-Tn antibodies in all types, but especially type A)
  • ARA6 (Kidney support in all types)
  • Proberry caps and syrup (Polyamine regulation in all types)


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    Retail  $93.00              


Hot or Iced, a Cup of Delicious Herbal Nourishment

A well balance blend of green tea with high quality natural herbs that is Right for You! A good drink to replace the avoid drinks during your tea breaks and relaxing moments! Designed to boost the immune system and stimulate the digestion, this tea combines the mildly acidic, fruity flavors of Hawthorn berries, with the subtle lemon accents of rosehips, rich in vitamin C.

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    Retail  $69.00              


Energy In A Glass

An Excellent product to mix with juices as it gives you an wholesome combination of nutrients that you need in a meal. Highly recommended for people who wants a quick nutrious fill of the stomach!

You know you should eat more fresh, healthy greens - now here's a delicious way to introduce those healthy green foods into your daily diet.

HARMONIA DELUXE blends instantly into water or juice, and carries the light, crisp taste of freshly picked berries. What a refreshing, energizing way to start the day!

Synergistic Products :

  • Polyflora O, Polyflora A, Polyflora B, Polyflora AB (help with bowel dysbiosis and detoxification) 
  •  Deflect O, Deflect A, Deflect B, Deflect AB (help with bowel dysbiosis and detoxification)



    More Product Info...
    Retail  $93.00              


Powerful Antioxidants in a Great-tasting liquid

Beneficial in preventing the spread of viral influenza. This syrup is pleasant tasting and a hit with children!

A highly concentrated syrup with berries extract with no preservatives. Highly recommended for kids to build their immune system as it is easily absorbed by their body. A great immune booster for children or adults who are easily prone to flu viruses.

Real live testimonial!

Rose, 37 (Blood type AB) has this to say : My two kids are blood type B, always very susceptible to viral infection , cough and allergies that my frequent visits to family doctor said are due to environmental factors. After reading the book on Eat Right For your Type, realised the reasons behind causing them these reactions . After giving Proberry3 to them for 1 month, their cough has stopped, my son's rashes on the side of his eyes has gone away and since then both them have no more rashes.

Synergistic Products

  • ARA 6, ARA Plus (immune enhancement)
  • Itaru's Green Tea (polyamine deprivation) 
  • Hawthorn Plus, Quercetin (additional bioflavonoid support)

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $89.00              


Elderberry and ARA6: A Potent Flu Season One-two Punch

An excellent immune booster especially for those who are easily prone to flu viruses. Also a good supplement to bring along during overseas trip to minimize the risk of contracting flu.

Elderberry is a traditional remedy for the symptoms of flu. In experiments, elderberry was shown to inhibit replication of all strains of human influenza viruses tested. Research showed that people using the elderberry extract got better much quicker.

Synergistic Products

  • ARA 6, ARA Plus (immune enhancement)
  • Itaru's Green Tea (polyamine deprivation)
  • Hawthorn Plus, Quercetin (additional bioflavonoid support)

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    Retail  $65.00              
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